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madlab live... are you in?

We’re bringing the magic of Mad Science right to you, in our action packed platform that takes interactive science to the next level. It’s the home education experience everyone’s talking about!  

The Mad Science you all know and love,
now available to tune into Live at home! 

Join our team of Mad Scientists as we discover exciting topics and explore awe inspiring themes. Each Live broadcast allows you to experiment along, LIVE with our Mad Scientist in fully immersive and interactive science experiences. Education and entertainment go hand in hand, they’ll have so much fun they will forget they’re learning!  

Fun-focussed science sessions expertly curated to challenge the most curious of minds, and encourage children  (…and adults too!) of all ages to get hands-on, investigate and explore. 

Take a look at our latest broadcasts and book on to secure your place at the scientist’s table. We’re bringing the lab to you in a whole new way. We can’t wait for you to join us.  

Book single Live broadcasts or the Full Lab Pass to take advantage of our discounted package.  

Tune in and start your journey of discovery, live from your living room! 





Seen the live shows and want to get to grips with more Mad Science between our broadcasts?

Checkout the extensive range of Home Labs available to download and discover. Don’t forget to share your experiments on our Facebook and Twitter pages so we can see what all our budding Mad Scientists have been up to.

Use the Hashtag #MadLabLive #MadLabMinis so the Mad Scientists can see what you’ve been busy with and share the joy of science!

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We’ve developed these fun, brain flexing quizzes to pit your new found science knowledge to the test. Jump right in with Brainy Beginners, or checkout Extra Einstein’s for those seeking a challenge. Will you be crowned our star scientist this week?  


Mad Science MadLab Live

Taking Science beyond the confines of the classroom is what we do best here at Mad Science. Since our inception in 2011 we have been at the forefront of fun, interactive kids science!
We pride ourselves on providng an unique experience for all budding Mad Scientists.

All of our sessions encourage exploration and investigation, sparking their imaginations and promoting a healthy interest in Science and the world around us.

MADLAB Live is an extension of our Mission and is a direct reaction to the current climate we find ourselves navigating. Always rising to the challenge Mad Science wanted to continue to provide our highly valued programming to children and families
…even if that means we had to do it a little differently.

Take centre stage… MadLab Live! Come Join Us. 

The Mad Scientists

We’ve been blessed with a growing team of highly talented and incredibly skilled Science communicators who live and breathe Science! We take, often difficult, Science concepts and themes and distill these into fun and exciting experiments, unique demos and memorable moments that bring to life science like never before! Our fantastic content is action-packed and fun filled at the forefront. We know that children learn best when they enjoy what they’re doing. That’s why we love doing what we do. The reactions on the lab table is one thing but the lasting reactions on the faces of the kids… and those eternal WOW moments? Well, that’s just something else! 

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