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Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for any help and troubleshooting to help you get the best out of your MadLab Live experience. Can’t find the answer your looking for? Email for further help!


Booking a Lab Pass

To purchase a lab pass simply click through to our scheduled event calendar and pick your desired date & time. Details of which session is planned will be included in the event description. There will be different content and themes to explore so you can tune in to new and exciting content at each session Live with our Mad Scientist. 

Payment Method

All our payments are handled using a secure payment gateway. Checkout via Paypal for a speedy and secure solution. You can Checkout via Paypal without an account. Simply use your credit or debit card at the checkout stage.  No credit card details are stored on this website at any time. Please find Paypal security information Here. 

Booking Confirmations

Automatic booking confirmations will be sent once you have completed your purchase. This will be delivered via email to the registered address. If you do not receive your booking confirmation, please check your spam or junk folders in case its gone amiss. Emails will be sent out via add this to your address book to ensure you receive all of our communication. Your booking confirmation will contain the session details, date, time of live broadcast and a few details on how to join us. Didn’t get your confirmation email? Get in touch with us at and one of the team can look into it for you. 


Join a Live Broadcast

After you purchase your Lab Pass, you’ll be registered for the Live Broadcast on that specific date and time. Spaces are limited so please make sure to check your allocated slot so you don’t miss out. On the day of the broadcast we’ll email out a joining link which will be your access to the Live stream. This will be sent out 30 minutes prior to the event start time. Simply click through and join us. Our Labtech will be available in the chat for any troubleshooting live on the session. 

You will need a Zoom client and account in order to log in to the Live Broadcast. Details of how to do this can be found in our Zoom section below. 


Technical Issues During Live Stream

If you experience any difficulties during the Live Broadcast, reach out to the Labtech via the online chat in Zoom, or drop us an email to if you’re having connectivity issues and can’t get onto the Broadcast for any reason. We’ll try our best to get you connected so you don’t miss out on the action. 


Missed a Broadcast?

As each session is broadcast LIVE, and no recordings of the sessions are made, please make sure you click on during your allotted time to tune into the broadcast. We will be unable to provide the session content at a later time once the broadcast has ended. If you experience any difficulties in joining the broadcast, let us know as soon as possible either via the Live Chat or email and we can get our Labtech’s straight on it. If for any reason you miss the broadcast due to technical difficulties – we’ll do our best to get you access to our next available broadcast. Please note that additional Lab Passes will not be issued for broadcasts which were missed due to missing the Live broadcast date or time. 

Session Timings

Each Live Broadcast will be approximately 30 minutes in duration and commence on the published start time. The Zoom link to join the Broadcast will be sent out 30 minutes prior to the start time to allow for joining and getting set up – help with connectivity should any issues arise will be available live in chat or via email. Please make sure to join the broadcast promptly so as not to miss out on any of the Live action! 


You will be able to interact with the Mad Scientist LIVE during the broadcast if you wish. You may have your webcam active if you’d like for your video feed to be visible to the Mad Scientist. Please note that if you choose to have your video active, your video will be visible to everyone in the broadcast. All Mics will be muted upon entry to the broadcast. Mics will only be made active when you opt in to answer any questions, or have a question of your own to ask the Mad Scientist. They will then be muted again. Opt in to chat via your mic by using the raise your hand function from the participants list. 

Participants List Gestures

During the session you can interact with the Mad Scientist using the Participants List gestures for non-verbal communication. Toggle the participants list on from the control bar at the bottom of your screen and you will then have access to the Chat Function, The Green Tick, Red Cross, Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, Raise your Hand, Clap and Speed Controls. Throughout the broadcast our Mad Scientist will welcome you to make predictions and use the buttons to cast your votes. Use the raise your hand icon if you’d like to unmute your MIC and speak direct to the Mad Scientist Live! Our LabTech will then let you know you are LIVE and unmute your MIC temporarily whilst the interaction occurs. MICs will be returned to mute after each interaction.


Participants: See who’s currently in the meeting. The Participants list also gives you access to these options:

  • Rename: Hover over your name and click Rename to change your screen name displayed to other participants.
    This will allow you to pick your own MadScientist 
  • Non-verbal feedback icons (if enabled by the host): Places an icon beside your name to quickly notify the host. For example, Raise Hand places the raise hand icon beside your name and simulates a hand raise.


We take the safety and privacy of all our attendees very seriously, and have taken all reasonable measures to ensure the safeguarding of attendees during our Live Broadcasts. You do not have to have your webcam turned on during the broadcast to enjoy the content and the choice is entirely up to you. All MICs will be muted upon entry – you can unmute yourself should you wish to say hi! or use the ‘Raise your Hand’ function from the participants list if you’d like to ask or answer any questions during the broadcast. Our Labtech will then unmute your MIC for the duration of the question. For your peace of mind we have disabled recording of the session and no recordings will be made by Mad Science or MadLab Live for the duration of the session. Please note that although all reasonable precautions have been taking to minimise the risk of outside sharing of the video content from our Live Broadcasts, it is possible that screenshots, or recordings from a third party device of the screen can occur. We kindly ask that all participants refrain from doing this in order to safeguard everyone’s privacy during the broadcast. If you are unsure about the risk of your image or video being shared outside the broadcast you can simply turn off your video and audio feed and enjoy the content risk free. This will not affect your experience. 

Code of Conduct

We ask that all participants abide by our code of conduct during the Live Broadcast and be mindful that there is potential for young children to be in on our broadcast or could hear or read your comments. Please refrain from strong language and profanity at all times. Bullying or abusing behavior of any nature towards our staff or other members participating in the session will not be tolerated. Be aware that if you have your video active during the broadcast that this is visible to all participants. We ask that parents supervise their children at all times during the broadcast and are on hand to navigate the interactivity. Please be mindful of your surroundings and the image captured on your camerta. Avoid any nudity and explicit content. We reserve the right to cease your video feed should we find any unsuitable image or features or we feel that the video feed compromises our community standards. Failure to comply with our Code of Conduct will result in your removal from the Live Broadcast with immediate effect. Breaches of this code will not be tolerated and no refunds will be offered. 


We use Zoom to host our Live Broadcasts for MadLab Live.
Check out our FAQ below to get yourself set up.
If you have any additional queries contact our Lab Tech’s on

Zoom Conference

Each of our Live Broadcasts will be hosted on Zoom. To access the broadcast you’ll need to first download the Zoom Client and create an account.

Extended Zoom FAQ

If you have any queries regarding Zoom or its functionality or any further requirements not covered in this brief FAQ – please visit the Zoom help centre where you can find all the information.

Zoom Account

Creating a zoom account is FREE and super easy. Click through here to SIGN UP

Your zoom account will remain your property. Mad Science and MadLab Live do not have access to your Zoom account at any time. We ask that should you have access issues with your Zoom account or can’t log in for any reason, to contact Zoom Support direct.  

Zoom Support

Further Zoom support can find here: SUPPORT 


MadLab Live does not have any direct affiliation with Zoom or receive any reward, financial or otherwise in using Z\oom for its broadcast and conferencing. Mad Science and MadLab Live do not take responsibility for the service status and hosting of Zoom services and should suspension of service occur for any reason beyond our control or due to routine maintenance by Zoom we will do our best to provide reasonable rescheduling and notice of any disruption as soon as we are made aware. Mad Science and MadLab live do not take responsibility for any damage caused to hardware caused by downloading the Zoom software. Please ensure that you are confident that you are downloading an official copy of the software and have an up to date firewall and antivirus to guard against any rogue 3rd party applications. We recommend that you only download the Zoom client via the official website at 

Camera & Microphone Access

Access to your camera and microphone will be at your own discretion. Use of your camera and microphone are not essential to the enjoyment of the broadcast. You can choose to join the Live Broadcast without use of the camera and microphone features. All participants can choose to broadcast their own video feed to the session. Please note that if you choose to have your video on, your video and camera feed will be visible to all participants of the session. All microphones will be muted upon entry to the session. All microphones will remain muted during the session to avoid undue disruption. Should you wish to interact with the Mad Scientist directly, use the Raise your Hand function in the participants list and our Lab Tech will let you know that you’re LIVE and your Mic will be unmuted for the duration of the interaction. Microphones will then be returned to mute. The ultimate choice to allow camera and microphone access and functions will remain your decision at all time.